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Underrepresented is a  cost-free mentorship program that pairs law students and alumni from the nation's top law school with diverse law school applicants for mentorship. We offer selected mentees cost-free admissions support, including résumé editing, help with drafting personal and optional essays, interview preparation, and additional assistance to ensure they successfully navigate the law school admissions process. Our goal is to bridge the diversity gap at Ivy League and T-14 law schools. 


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In the United States, the legal field faces significant diversity challenges. Racial and ethnic minorities are notably underrepresented, comprising only about 14.1% of lawyers, according to the American Bar Association (ABA). Women, constituting approximately 37% of lawyers, hold only about 22% of partner positions in law firms. Despite comprising nearly half of law school graduates, their representation in leadership roles within the legal profession lags behind. Minority lawyers hold just 9% of general counsel positions at Fortune 500 companies, while women hold about 30% of these positions. Moreover, individuals with disabilities are notably underrepresented, comprising less than 1% of lawyers in law firms despite making up approximately 12.8% of the U.S. population. These statistics underscore the pressing need for initiatives like Underrepresented, which aims to address these diversity gaps and promote greater inclusion in the nation's top law schools and the legal profession at large.​

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The legal field is the least diverse professional field in the nation. we are working to change that.

Many law school admissions support services come with steep price tags, placing them out of reach for diverse applicants. That's why we founded Underrepresented—to eliminate barriers to access by offering free admissions support. Our mentorship services are completely cost-free. We are dedicated to removing financial barriers that hinder diverse law students from pursuing their aspirations. Our mission is to establish an inclusive platform where aspiring law students can receive the guidance necessary to navigate the admissions process and realize their law school ambitions.


 Join the Movement 

Together, Let's Champion Diversity at the Nation's Premier Law Schools!

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